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You've Got a Friend in Me

It's nice when you find a friend. It's really shit when you realise they aren't a good one.

Defining the moment when you've made a friend is tough. It is a relationship after all, but unlike a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship (words escape me) there's no requirement for a question to be posed...

"Will you be my friend?" unless you're maybe 5 or 6 years of age in a playground. Why oh why don't we retain that precious vulnerability to continue to ask that question?

If you *think* you've made a friend, you likely have. Is it that easy? Sure!

Do they laugh with you? Break bread with you? (figuratively - common tongue would be - do you share food or drink together?) Do they support you when things aren't always perfect?
That's a friend.

Do they talk behind your back about you? Not a friend.
Do they ignore you when you're in their presence? Not a friend.
Do they change the story depending on who they speak to? Not a friend.
Worse still.…
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And so this is Easter..

Did you sing it? And so this is Christmas Easter...what have we done?

It's at these times of year that I crave the seeming simplicity of generations or years gone by.

When long weekends such as these meant the shops really were closed, that you really couldn't go out for lunch, that there wasn't anywhere else to be - except present.

Now, every long weekend is fraught with plans.

Who gets first dibs to host the family get-together, the friends get-together. Did you leave it too late and now everyone is busy and you haven't been included? Which two hour window of which day can you see each family group? Will you get any time at all to just unwind? How many odd jobs around the house can we fit in? Should we go camping like everyone else and then spend two days on the road in the most horrendous traffic of the year?

My intentions are always to bring back some of that missing simplicity. With the thought that perhaps if I set the scene, everyone can enjoy it.

Shopping this …

Are You Looking After Yourself?

I recently had an eye opening experience in regards to my health.

It was nothing serious - thankfully. But enough for me to realise something had to change. I HAD to change.

Do you remember that old Aussie TV ad, where the parents call the daughter and say "are you looking after yourself?" To which she would reply "yes, I'm looking after myself" as she tucked into a frozen meal (if I remember correctly)?

If YOU asked yourself that question today, and answered it truthfully, what would your answer be?

I was not honest with myself for a long time. Believing that 5-7 hours of broken sleep every night was okay. That 5 espressos a day was par for the course with my job. That I truly was far too busy to exercise. (Lets save the stop being busy for the sake of being busy for another day)

None of this is true.

Over a short period of time after a foot injury, I gained some weight, enough to go up a clothing size. Prior to that I had maintained the same relative size fo…

My Norwex Journey...

You know when you find something that you love, like REALLY get a kick out of it. Then you realise that this something is awesome and everyone needs to know about it?

Yeah, that's what happened with Norwex for me. And that's how I ended up adding a sales consultant (be real, that's what partyplans are) to my ever growing list of to do's.

I didn't join Norwex to sell it, or to force my thoughts on others, but truly to SHARE it.

If people don't know about Norwex, or know about the WHY of Norwex, how could you expect them to make their own informed decisions?

Information has always been key for me. In all aspects of life. I like the ins and outs, the hows whys whos before any decision is made. And because I like that, I enjoy giving that information.

A teacher at heart I guess. Or a perpetual student of life.... moving on.

Add to this that Norwex really is about reducing chemical impact in your life and in the world, and to use their catch phrase - creating safe h…

Mum of One.

As the mum of an only child, it pays for me to remember that not only am I the parent in the home, but I am the friend too. The missing sibling. The one who hears all the random silly thoughts, the fears and…the fart sounds.
Without that at ease connection that you have with a sibling growing up (because we all know as you get older, it doesn’t always feel that easy anymore), who else are you to share the silliness with? What does this silliness look like? Pillow fights, sneaky snacks, cubby houses, board games, as I mentioned – fart sounds….and real farts! Late nights talking about nothing and being tired, but content the next day. Saturday morning cartoons in darkness, in your PJ’s eating cereal on the couch.
How lucky are we? As a Mum & Dad you’d think those days of fun are long gone. But when you have just one little one, it’s quickly that you realise there is a bigger gap to fill.
We are a small family, and we are different to most. We’re close. We don’t really like spending ti…

Find Your Motivation

Find It.

Embrace It.

Use It.

Find your motivation, identify when you feel motivated, embrace that feeling, use it.

Motivation doesn't always come from a single source.

Feel an urge to do something? Do It.

It's not always that simple I hear you say. I HEAR YOU. Once you stop getting in your own way, it truly is that simple.

Feel an urge to bake a cake? Get in the kitchen and do it. Get there and find you don't have what you need? This is not the end of the world.

Use this as more motivation - to make a shopping list, so the next time you feel the urge to get your bake on, you can. Take it a step further and use all of this as motivation to go to shops.

See? Be motivated.

You have to let yourself BE motivated. You have to embrace that feeling, that urge. You have to act on it. That is being motivated.

Motivation isn't always about exercise. It's about you - having the confidence to do what you want to do without getting in your own way.

A Well Stocked Pantry..

I am a fan of a well stocked pantry.

A well stocked pantry can produce the meals on your meal plan, a dessert out of thin air, biscuits in a flash or an impromptu dinner that isn't on your meal plan at all!! 

Well stocked doesn't have to mean 10 tins of tomatoes (although I've definitely done that before!) or a whole separate cupboard dedicated to bulk buying. Well stocked to me means a good supply of basic and versatile ingredients that I know how to use in a variety of ways. 

For our family, a well stocked pantry also comes into play when it's the day before pay day and you have to pull three meals out of thin air!

I have had friends comment on why I need so much food in the cupboard. Some days I wonder myself. But I catch myself when I can find everything I need to make lasagne for example, no matter the day of the week.

My son also appreciates that pancake day can be any day, and there's always choc chip bikkies a mere  20 mins of mixing and baking away.

A well s…