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'twas the weekend before Christmas..

and the entire house was exhausted!

I have resorted to what I call the 'cop out' of parenting...turning the TV on and leaving the child to be glued to it like a brainwashed robot.

Why you ask?

I is tired! and I have much to get through, and whilst I want my little guy to help me with all the fun stuff, the style of whinging that only comes from a nearly 2 year old is the very last thing I wish to experience today.

The weather is dreary, again, which makes standard housework even more unappealing. Who wants to hang washing out when it isn't sunny and beautiful outside?!

I have sneakily switched the channel to an animal doco, still enticing enough that the little person will let it capture his attention for a few minutes at a time (hello going to the toilet in peace!) but not enough to have him glued to it for the entire day.

Perhaps after his nap I will put my responsible parent cap back on and turn the TV off.

okay so it's Chocolate Ball season

soooooooooo per previous post, I have some baking to do for Christmas...

Went to major supermarket to complete the grocery shopping..........

visited the biscuit aisle for a major ingredient requirement............

THERE WERE NO MILK ARROWROOT BISCUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just plain unacceptable, surely the little people in the biscuit factories are churning more of these out than ever come mid November to ensure the nation is not in short supply of chocolate / rum balls come Christmas Day?

Shall be stalking all supermarkets within radius of home over the next two days to locate these imperative items!!

Let the Baking Begin

Shopping bill always elevates a little at this time of year....mixed fruit, toasted muesli, extra SR flour, plain biscuits.....lots of goodies are produced from that little stash though! This year the bake off will consist of:

chocolate balls
apricot muesli balls
cinnamon biscuits
a fruit cake (!)
and the very dapper choc brownie santa hats that have gone viral on the web this past week!


workin' 9- 5 ... not quite

the joys of being a working mum.

with technology what it is, working from home is now just as easy (read :: normal) as working in the office.

this means when the little people are sick, you don't go INTO work, but you still work.

juggle, juggle, juggle.

I wish I could juggle balls, blocks or firey sticks as well as I can juggle my time. It would be much more entertaining!