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When I was a girl.... things were different.

I think.

Apparently, in the 80's (and 90's?) all the kids played outside, got dirty, ate worms and only came home when the sun went down.

What I really think is we're kidding ourselves.

As parents we're constantly comparing what we do with our kids to what others do with their kids, or comparing to what we experienced in our childhood. And we turned out okay, right?

So we never watched TV. NOPE. As my little boy grows up I am starting to recall just how much TV I actually watched. How does Mary Poppins three times each morning before breakfast sound? Like too much screen time? Yep, probably. But that was in the 80's. We didn't have too much "screen time" in the 80's, or did we?

We always played outside. NOPE. I have never been able to climb a fence, let alone a tree. I am not the best at riding bikes. And I don't really remember ever being absolutely filthy dirty from being outside all day long. (And I st…

New Year, New Start

A new year inevitably brings resolutions, new starts, new perspectives, it brings change. And whilst so many people scoff at resolutions (because rarely are they kept), change is a good thing.

So if you can make a change, for the better, the new year is a great place to start.

For me, one of those changes is to sit down and eat breakfast each morning. Not running out the door with something resembling real food. 

A small change that will give me a good start to the day, help out my digestive system, ease some morning anxiety and give me a better daily routine. 

It also lets me set a great example for my son. Now that's a good reason for change.