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Just Keep Swimming.

Thursday afternoon and I find myself at swimming lessons. 
A parenting duty, a necessary requirement especially in Australia. Kids must be able to swim.
For us, we share our current time slot with approximately four other families. All with multiple siblings, some that also swim at this time. Some that don't.
The viewing room is filled with very rowdy kids. Eager to burn off late afternoon energy but stuck at older brothers / sisters swimming lessons. Add to this the dank smell of spring heat - not quite hot enough for air con yet so we suffer it, and the unmistakable stench of a dirty nappy left in a bin by a previous family group.
Parents talk and laugh at the kids attempting the most difficult of swimming style, all eager for adult conversation.... Except this adult who gets enough of it at work. 
There's a Mum of a little one who has chosen to leave her in the car in air conditioning to sleep (I judge you not but next time point your exhaust AWAY from the window of the viewing …