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It's Christmas Time in the City...and Everywhere Else

Christmas is a joyous time, a time to spend with family, rejuvenate...and stress to the max.

But it is a season of conflictions...

Summer diet to look your best at the beach V work Christmas parties, drinks with friends to see in the season, three helpings of Christmas lunch, and late night snacks as you revel in not having to get up for work at 5am. Which of those sounds like more fun?

Being grateful for what you have and what you receive V maxing out the credit card to buy the BEST gift EVER for Aunty Annie, so you're the favourite nephew. Since when did buying a gift become about ensuring what you purchased was exactly what the recipient wants or needs at that very moment. What about it's the thought that counts, searching in 20 boutique shops for that little (yes LITTLE) something that you think is just perfect for your best friend, niece, sister, son - rather than bombarding the department stores for a piece of Made in (somewhere foreign and cheap) junk that is likely to b…

beautiful birthday cake!

Tonight we went to a family dinner for a birthday celebration and were asked to bring dessert. Given it was a Birthday I thought chocolate cake was appropriate and I happened to have seen a recipe for 'moist chocolate cake' and thought I'd give it a whirl.

The recipe intrigued me as it required the sugar, water, cocoa, butter & bi carb to be simmered before adding flour & eggs!

This is the end result...

And YES it was beautiful and moist! I finished it off with a simple butter frosting and served it with dollop cream :)

I found the recipe here:

Enjoy x

Hop Hippity Hop, It's Easter!

You know that awkward moment, when it's just a few days before Easter and you realise you're the Easter Bunny....and you don't have your eggs yet :S

For weeks now I've been scoping out where I can get the 'good' eggs, cross checking quality VS price.

I've made the decision as to what will magically appear in our garden on Sunday morning, ready to be hunted.

I know where to purchase all these luscious items.

But as yet, I am yet to do so.

Now the deadline is approaching, we lose one day of shopping due to the most relaxing day of the year, Good Friday.

Thursday late night shopping prior to said relaxing day is just not an intelligent thing to do. So this evening I will brave the closest department store to purchase the Cadbury goodness my husband craves, Saturday I'll pay a visit to the local Darrell Lea store for the those extra special Easter treats that have become tradition for me and along the way I'll grab some yummy, toddler friendly Kind…