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I Get This..

I get this.
I see young kids who are fat.
They just are.
It's not puppy fat, baby fat, awkward growing fat.

They're just overweight kids, and YOUNG kids, who haven't been shown how to eat right.

It's a sad ?epidemic? I don't necessarily agree with every statement this journo has made. But I get it.

Everyone needs to eat better. Eat less. Exercise more. And show their kids, lead by example.

Me included!

Moving Up in the Tech World...& Sewing...

Yesterday I became the new, and admittedly pretty proud, owner of a brand new Ultrabook. In my eyes, the Microsoft equivalent to a MacBook. But that's to a layman like me. In reality I'm sure I am way off.

I have an iPad and I love it, but for what I wanted the MacBook's were just too much of a financial investment. So I went on the hunt for something speedy (to handle my photos), something light (to carry around the house) and something smallish (to sit on my lap). AND it had to be within budget, and look okay too.

Two visits to Harvey Norman later - we have changed our HN of choice for purchases after receiving lackluster service at our original preferred store. And I walked out happy as a pig in the proverbial with a Toshiba Ultrabook - 4gb ram, 32mb SSD, 13.3 inch screen, and Windows 8! (But no touch screen)

Windows 8 is a trip. Everything has an app, so it's like your ipad, on a computer. But the standard desktop and Windows set up is running in the background - acc…

A Recipe from Pinterest...

So, I won't lie. Recipe pins on pinterest, whilst appearing exceptionally tasty at face value, often leave me wondering  if they're really any good. Or, more to the point, if the beautiful image you're looking at actually belongs to the recipe typed in to the two lines of text below it. 

Case in point:

{image sourced from pinterest}
According to the caption, this is crockpot teriyaki chicken, created with the mere combination of just a few ingredients and left to it's own devices in a slow cooker for a 4 - 6 hours. (might I add, my suspciousness of pinterest recipes is peaked here, given this chicken is coated in sesame seeds, yet there are none in the recipe!)

Stuck for dinner inspiration one evening I turned to my pinterest 'board' entitled food. This delicious morsel above is what caught my eye. So, I cooked it.

1kg chicken thighs (I put them in the slow cooker frozen!)
1 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup soy sauce
3 teaspoons minced garlic
1/3 cup brown sugar
4 hrs in the s…

Ever Been to GOMA?

No? Better add it to your to do list....

Be Yourself.

Heard this for the first time yesterday... it made me smile. Be yourself.