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Reality Bites.

Amidst the Christmas tree, the decorations, the gift shopping and card writing that has so consumed the last two weeks, another huge milestone for the year has also been ticking along in the background (or foreground..perhaps) - we have come to the end of our year of Prep!

This in itself brings another set of to do lists, places to be, people to see and things to bring. With a class break up, whole school assembly, party day including a special lunch and teachers gifts to source, create, wrap and GIVE.... this week has been a whirlwind and I have just crashed back to earth today.

When alllllll of that is happening amongst a busy, and important week at work (WHO schedules important meetings in the last weeks of the year? oh. me. right.) it's inevitable that at some point it will catch up to you.

For two weeks I was aiming for Thursday evening, I just had to get through yesterday, and we'd be fine.

And we did.

And I was fine. Until 12.30am Thursday night / Friday morning, when…

Just Keep Swimming.

Thursday afternoon and I find myself at swimming lessons. 
A parenting duty, a necessary requirement especially in Australia. Kids must be able to swim.
For us, we share our current time slot with approximately four other families. All with multiple siblings, some that also swim at this time. Some that don't.
The viewing room is filled with very rowdy kids. Eager to burn off late afternoon energy but stuck at older brothers / sisters swimming lessons. Add to this the dank smell of spring heat - not quite hot enough for air con yet so we suffer it, and the unmistakable stench of a dirty nappy left in a bin by a previous family group.
Parents talk and laugh at the kids attempting the most difficult of swimming style, all eager for adult conversation.... Except this adult who gets enough of it at work. 
There's a Mum of a little one who has chosen to leave her in the car in air conditioning to sleep (I judge you not but next time point your exhaust AWAY from the window of the viewing …

The Becomings of a Prep Mum

2015 brought us to the world of school. Of Prep. A non-compulsory first year of schooling in QLD for kids that turn 5 before the end of June. That was the little guy. 

With prep came a change of routine. A change of work hours. And a massive shift in day to day life for our clan. 

Having celebrated the survival of 4 years of daycare at the end of 2014. The beginning of 2015 was also a celebration. This Mama would be in charge of "drop off" for the first time ever. Previously a "dad duty" this change was almost the biggest for us all. 

From the time we made the difficult decision regarding working V stay at home Mum it had always been our intention that come school time, the work hours would decrease, and the Mum hours would increase. I counted down the years, months and days. 

With much thanks to a supportive employer, this change became reality. 

Since that first day in January, we have come along in leaps and bounds. As individuals, and as a family group. 

The little g…