Friday, December 11, 2015

Reality Bites.

Amidst the Christmas tree, the decorations, the gift shopping and card writing that has so consumed the last two weeks, another huge milestone for the year has also been ticking along in the background (or foreground..perhaps) - we have come to the end of our year of Prep!

This in itself brings another set of to do lists, places to be, people to see and things to bring. With a class break up, whole school assembly, party day including a special lunch and teachers gifts to source, create, wrap and GIVE.... this week has been a whirlwind and I have just crashed back to earth today.

When alllllll of that is happening amongst a busy, and important week at work (WHO schedules important meetings in the last weeks of the year? oh. me. right.) it's inevitable that at some point it will catch up to you.

For two weeks I was aiming for Thursday evening, I just had to get through yesterday, and we'd be fine.

And we did.

And I was fine. Until 12.30am Thursday night / Friday morning, when my brain was cleared of all the extra goings on, it decided to kick back in on the every day ho hum... and keep me awake until 4.30am, at which point I crawled back into bed as the sun crept over the horizon, only to be woken at 7.15am by a little boy EAGER to get to clean up day at school. Because, you know, helping and stuff.

On the brightside, I got an extra load of washing done, finished the raison toast that was hogging space in the freezer and caught up on all my shows. Very productive use of four hours, no?

TOP TIP: from a first time school Mum, to any other school Mum - take a 'green shopping bag' with you on every single day on the last two weeks of school. I was wishing for a donkey every afternoon lugging armfuls of crap lovingly created artwork, full school books, Christmas cards for days and extra stationery back to the car to add to the masses of space I don't have at home.

peace out.

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