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5am Lasagne {Found in DRAFTS - 8 months later}

A series of "events" have found me standing at my stove at 5.15am on Tuesday morning stirring bechamel sauce for lasagne.

What a time for reflection. (Insert appropriate level of sarcasm here)

Returning to work five days a week combined with the expected rush after three weeks holidays and the stress of having your home on the market does funny things to a woman.

Oh yes of course, I said on Sunday night, I'll make a double batch of spaghetti and make a lasagne for dinner Tuesday night! Groan. 

New Direction

Today I discussed with a friend, what next.

My little boy starts prep next January, we aren't having any more children. And after doing some recent research into a franchise, we aren't moving forward with our own business for some time yet.

So, what next, was the question I put to my "bestie"

She says

"Have you thought about writing a book?"

I nearly spat my coffee on her, laughing I asked, "About What?!"

The serious look she gave me made me realise it wasn't a joke.

A book is far from my reach, and commitment level I'm sure.

I reminded her I do blog, or more to the point, I HAVE blogs, that I don't write in.

But that I did have some ideas about what those said blogs could contain.

Tonight, I decided to test myself. Can I write, in a blog I already have, rather than open another blank page and start again.

I'm here. I did it. One step closer to the book my best friend would clearly love to read.... (shame about everyone else!)