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Hop Hippity Hop, It's Easter!

You know that awkward moment, when it's just a few days before Easter and you realise you're the Easter Bunny....and you don't have your eggs yet :S

For weeks now I've been scoping out where I can get the 'good' eggs, cross checking quality VS price.

I've made the decision as to what will magically appear in our garden on Sunday morning, ready to be hunted.

I know where to purchase all these luscious items.

But as yet, I am yet to do so.

Now the deadline is approaching, we lose one day of shopping due to the most relaxing day of the year, Good Friday.

Thursday late night shopping prior to said relaxing day is just not an intelligent thing to do. So this evening I will brave the closest department store to purchase the Cadbury goodness my husband craves, Saturday I'll pay a visit to the local Darrell Lea store for the those extra special Easter treats that have become tradition for me and along the way I'll grab some yummy, toddler friendly Kind…