Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Becomings of a Prep Mum

2015 brought us to the world of school. Of Prep. A non-compulsory first year of schooling in QLD for kids that turn 5 before the end of June. That was the little guy. 

With prep came a change of routine. A change of work hours. And a massive shift in day to day life for our clan. 

Having celebrated the survival of 4 years of daycare at the end of 2014. The beginning of 2015 was also a celebration. This Mama would be in charge of "drop off" for the first time ever. Previously a "dad duty" this change was almost the biggest for us all. 

From the time we made the difficult decision regarding working V stay at home Mum it had always been our intention that come school time, the work hours would decrease, and the Mum hours would increase. I counted down the years, months and days. 

With much thanks to a supportive employer, this change became reality. 

Since that first day in January, we have come along in leaps and bounds. As individuals, and as a family group. 

The little guy has flourished, with a wonderful teacher, more one on one Mummy time, and quality time with Dad, he has developed into a bright, funny, caring individual. With a personality unmatched by his peers. (I am bias)

Husband has settled well into not having to be concerned about lunches, shoes, hats, bags and library books. Although most mornings is still far better at it than I am yet.

And I thoroughly enjoy the role of school Mum, with a very hectic work schedule, but that's okay because I do love my job too. Some days though I know the little guy wishes for more Mum, less work. 

As a family our weekends are now full. School is intense for a five year old. Saturday and Sunday is for so much play after so much structure.

Nothing good comes without sacrifice, compromise or it's own set of challenges though. Next time for those.

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