Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Well Stocked Pantry..

I am a fan of a well stocked pantry.

A well stocked pantry can produce the meals on your meal plan, a dessert out of thin air, biscuits in a flash or an impromptu dinner that isn't on your meal plan at all!! 

Well stocked doesn't have to mean 10 tins of tomatoes (although I've definitely done that before!) or a whole separate cupboard dedicated to bulk buying. Well stocked to me means a good supply of basic and versatile ingredients that I know how to use in a variety of ways. 

For our family, a well stocked pantry also comes into play when it's the day before pay day and you have to pull three meals out of thin air!

I have had friends comment on why I need so much food in the cupboard. Some days I wonder myself. But I catch myself when I can find everything I need to make lasagne for example, no matter the day of the week.

My son also appreciates that pancake day can be any day, and there's always choc chip bikkies a mere  20 mins of mixing and baking away.

A well stocked pantry for us is also crucial to our budgeting. If we weren't well stocked, there would be some weeks that we wouldn't be able to enjoy all the yummy, home cooked food we do.

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