Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dining Review :: 4017 Bar & Grill, 1 Bowser Parade, Sandgate

Last night DH, myself & the little guy embarked on an outing that we don't do often enough - dinner, out, just the three of us!

We visit many local eating places with DH's sizable family (9 incl partners plus close family friends - normally ends up anywhere between 12 - 15ppl!) however it always turns into a reasonable difficult event with the little guy in a loud place, lots of people and so on and so forth.

Recently I mentioned to hubby we don't go out just the three of us - SO  we did! We bought an online deal voucher for $29 that entitled us to a bread for entree, 2 main meals & a bottle of house wine at 4017 Bar & Grill @ Sandgate.

This is a 'pub' like I've not seen in a very long time, but in a good way. It comprises of a small public bar and a dining room.... and that's it.

There is no pokies, no TAB, no thumping loud music, no gawdy carpet and no awful lighting - dim here and there, starlight bright everywhere else.

I was impressed.

The service was prompt, friendly and very genuine much like you'd receive in a small town pub. The food was well priced and quite tasty. Not an extensive menu but for the peace & quiet I was very content.

We enjoyed a relaxed meal, hubby had a Wagyu beef burger ($14.50) and I had pasta carbonara ($17.50), the pasta was yummy, freshly made and a very generous serving. We ordered a kids meal ($8.50) of bangers & mash which was a huge thick sausage, mash and a selection of other vegies - a nice difference from many other places that skimp on the kids meal and you literally get bangers and a pile of mush.

For the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed that I wasn't cooking dinner and didn't have to clean up, AND we stopped at Macs on the way home for ice cream!!

Highly recommend a visit to 4017 Bar & Grill even with the family, for lunch or dinner if you're a local - probably not so exciting to travel from the other side of town JUST to eat there, but if you're around the Sandgate area, give it a whirl...

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