Friday, October 14, 2011

A New Hobby!

So in light of all things that pertain to making the mummy of the home happy, I finally decided the time had come to indulge in something that I have always, always wanted....a really good camera. To explore the small amount of creativity I have and to see if I can capture what I see in an image. OH and to take amazing photos of the little guy!

Two weekends ago off to Harvey Norman I went, thanks to their spectacular 50 months interest free deal - because I was sick to death of saving and waiting! and walked out with brand spanking Nikon D5100. I have taken approximately 500 photos since :)

Have I managed to capture what I see in an image - once or twice YES! I'd like to do it more often, but practice makes perfect. I see a lot of beauty and tranquility in the bushland that backs onto our home and I love the afternoon sun in our backyard, it is one of my favourite places in our home at that time of the day and this is one of the things I am trying to get INTO a shot to share with everyone. These are pretty close...

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