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Cold, Cold, Go Away, Come Again Another Year.

This week I have been struck down with a cold. Thankfully not the flu. But still a yicky very {snotty} cold!!

It has put a dampener on organising my shopping trip for the weekend, cooking meals for my boys during the week and in general being on top of everything.

This means the last three menu items for this fortnight haven't gone to plan. Honey Mustard Chicken that was meant to be served with rice - so Fried Rice could be made - was had with beautiful curly pasta hmmmmmm tasted good with my sore throat!

Fried Rice is out the window now until Friday night. And the last menu item of lamb chops, vegies and pasta was replaced last night by KFC.... O_o .... :D

Now we don't do the takeaway thing very often at all and even rarer an occasion it is that we resort to KFC of all things, but I tell you what when it comes to takeaway that was value for money! 9 pieces of chicken, 9 nuggets, large gravy, four breadrolls and two large chips - $24.95. Plenty of food for 2 adults and one little guy (oh the shame of my under 2 year old eating nuggets!!) and leftover chicken for the husband's lunch!!! As a treat, you really can't go wrong and you'd easily feed possible another two children with what was there.

So, if you're sick, it's late and you're fortunate enough to be able to spare the $$ don't beat yourself about getting takeaway occasionally, it won't hurt.


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And so the list goes!
Many would be familiar with Taco Tuesday, and a definitive Aussie culture is the Sunday Roast.
My 6 year old last week coined Bunday Monday! This means on Mondays we eat buns with various fillings.
Week 1 was YIAH slow cooked pulled pork with homemade coleslaw, on brioche.
Week 2 was YIAH La Parissiene meat patties with salad - essentially a hamburger - on tiger buns.
It's not fancy, it only classifies as healthy because it's homemade and comes with salad but the most important thing about all of it is my 6 year old son is involved in the process.
He named the funny meal day after working to find a word that rhymes with Monday, he has chosen the bread rolls each week and as a result is keen to eat what's in them. 
Anyone with a six year old will understand the magnitude of a new food item being added to the revolving repertoire at this age. 
So If Bunday Monday means cucumber and lettuce being eaten, roll on next Monday!