Friday, July 15, 2011

And So it Begins…

Today is the day Mumma Daze begins.

Well not truly, as the daze of motherhood for me began on the 8th January 2010. But this is where I will begin to share with other Mums or anyone who is interested in reading, my ups, downs, sideways and diagonal traipses through what is the daze of being a Mumma.

In this blog you will see..

· random thoughts that may or may not relate to children

· the rants and vents of a mother at the end of her tether

· reviews of ‘products’ that I love or hate…and if I hate them you’ll know it

· my hints and tips on saving money in your grocery (and other) shopping…because as you’ll come to learn.. I love a bargain

· recipes that I’ve tried, tested, probably failed, then tried again and again

· you will also hopefully, quite plainly, see the adoring love I have of being a working housewife and a mother to one precious little boy

so, enjoy, relax, provide feedback, stay a quiet follower, join in… I’ll be here J


  1. Well done! I look forward to watching your blog grow. You are absolutely right about making time for yourself and not feeling guilty for it. It is difficult to do, but very important.

  2. I agree with Tina, well done for starting the blog, hope to become a long-term reader and hopefully pick up a few tips along the way :))