Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Attempt :: Satay Chicken

A slow start to my shopping day that resulted in only half of it done. Hubby is picking up a bit on the way home from his sporting match and I guess I'll finish it tomorrow. Nearly too buggered to bother preparing the dinner that is planned, but hitched up my pants (literally, my jeans are always slipping!) and got on with it.

Diced up the mostly defrosted chicken thigh and rummaged around for the ingredients that I assume go into a I say first attempt which isn't quite correct, I have attempted satay once before many many years ago but cannot remember the outcome...this and the fact I've never made it again probably mean it was bad...this one WILL be better...positive thinking always works.

  • peanut butter...smooth (we don't do crunchy)
  • cashews, they just happened to be in the cupboard, already opened and probably forgotten about. Figured they'll add some texture. Put them in the happy chopper then into the sauce.
  • soy sauce - which I had to add more of at the end.
  • a little sugar (masterchef has taught me it's all about balance..lots of soy means lots of salt so I added sugar!)
  • dash of fish sauce
  • two cloves of garlic...yes two because my garlic crusher tends to eat most of it!
  • sliced an onion
  • decided AGAINST adding chilli as Master 18months will be eating this too!
Whisked these ingredients together with a fork and dumped them in with the chicken, stirred it all around and now it's in the fridge marinating.

Was supposed to cook rice yesterday for fried rice and forgot, husband was going to do it this morning and forgot. So I'm going to cook it now and it will have about two hours in the fridge, she'll be right mate!

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