Sunday, July 24, 2011

Price Comparison :: Bio Zet Laundry Powder

Further to what I've previously written about checking Big W out for bulk grocery prices AND checking catalogues for good specials on items you would normally buy....

Bio Zet Laundry powder averages a retail price of $9.99 for a 1kg box at the supermarket

At Big W the every day the price is $37.98 for a 6kg tub - this equals $6.33kg - this is their EVERYDAY price...not a special.

So you can see that if you bought at Big W at any time you're paying less for the product. BUT checking the catalogues pays too because this week at Coles, a 1kg box is on special for $6!

For me this fortnight I've saved myself an extra .33c kg on laundry powder as I was going to head straight to Big W and buy the tub - but now I'll buy it at Coles instead :)

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