Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meal Plan :: 21st July 2011

This fortnight is a bit out of the ordinary for a couple of reasons - A) I shopped from my freezer first... because it was quite full from buying in bulk I need to clear it out before I can buy anymore, so my meal plan is based around the meat we already had B) for four nights out of the fortnight I will have guests! So I won't be including the meals for those days!

{meal plan}

> marinated chicken thigh (possible skewers) w/ fried rice
> chicken wraps
> home made hamburgers
> butter chicken with rice & pappadums
> crumbed chicken breast & stuffed potatoes
> Hubby's curry
> Steak & gravy w/ mash
> Potato & Cauliflower curry (this I've never cooked before so is likely to be made as a side or additional to what I'm already cooking!)

Now all the meat I'm using I already have, and as you can see we have lots of chicken & mince in the freezer! Also all of those meals are made from scratch, except the butter chicken - because we just love Patak's!!

Aside from a few key items like the wraps & buns I have most of what I need in the pantry already.

By cooking this way the bulk of my shopping budget is put towards fresh fruit & vegetables and staple items. This reduces your grocery bill in itself and frees up the cash so you can afford some of lifes pleasures like a nice cheese or chocolate.

Think back to what you ate when you were a kid, what your Mum / Dad / Grandparents / Caregiver cooked and start from there, you'll be surprised what you remember and how easy what they made is to replicate.

Happy Planning.

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