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Huggies V Aldi Nappies

it seems this is one of the 'greatest debates' at the moment. a hot topic.

when you're pregnant / a new mum somehow or other it becomes ingrained knowledge that Huggies are the one, the only, the best nappy for all children...and parents. this somehow leads to a division between huggies users and those that don't (oh my! you don't use huggies? I ONLY use huggies...) and I have witnessed this first hand in the real world....almost as if you don't use Huggies you're a second class parent.

WELL .... I used huggies & modern cloth nappies from the word go...and from the word go Huggies leaked. they leaked in Newborn, they leaked in Infant, Toddler & Walker.... i have had no less than 4 Huggies replacement packets left on my doorstep by their lovely courier people - they must deliver ALOT of nappies to unhappy parents. It definitely pays to complain.

However, having had it knocked into me that Huggies were the one & only I just didn't know where else to go next... we had tried Babylove and found them too plasticky so were shocked off every other brand also. But action was required, a week of wet throughs over night which resulted in my little man being soaked from his nipples to his knees (no exaggeration there) and enough was enough.

I had heard time & time again...Aldi does great nappies, try the Aldi nappies, Aldi, Aldi, I thought to hell with the one & only and everything in between I'll jump straight to one of the cheapest nappy options out there and see what $13.99 a packet that's not a big loss if they're useless...certainly cheaper than the $33 a box for huggies.

Lo & Behold....Huggies can jump.... these things are fantastic. We had a few leaks in the old style, but only two weeks after starting with Aldi nappies they changed their design and they seriously have not leaked since. Not overnight, not after a massive 5 hours of being out of the house and no nappy change. We have had slight dampness around legs after very big poo's and a 12 hour sleep but hey that's nothing right?

So whilst I don't knock Huggies as a brand, they are wonderful and every child is different, for us right now Aldi nappies are the bomb. And they're saving us squillions...well not quite but a lot less dosh is being used for nappy buying.

**I am not affiliated with any company mentioned. this is just my personal opinion and experience.


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