Sunday, August 21, 2011

What you Can Achieve... If you stick to a Budget!

Okay so I've voiced before our f/t grocery budget is $350 - this figure was derived not from what was left after other expenses but rather based on what we actually spent when we bought everything we needed. This means it's a generous budget and it always works - very hard to go over it!

This fortnight I've beaten it AGAIN! By following my own little set of rules that I've previously shared with looks something like this:

FIRST STOP :: Aldi - lots of snack food (more than I usually would) incl crackers, sweets, muesli bars etc, nappies and other grocery $115.72

SECOND STOP :: Woolworths - just a few key items that were in their specials catalogue ... only one of them a necessity - the others are treats... total $28.45

THIRD STOP :: Butcher & Fruit and Veg - lots of meat, and a trolley full of fruit & $81.93

Now I do need to pay a visit to Coles for a few particular items (some on special, some not) and I estimate I'll spend about $50 there which includes some cleaning products...

Thats a grant total of $247.65........... that is $100 UNDER BUDGET.

YES this all works. How do I know? Because the proof is in the pudding... amongst all that grocery cost are also some extra fun stuff for the little guy (book, puzzle & a 4pk of truck socks)

Make your list and stick to it..... let me know if you see any results!!

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