Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gift Idea :: Have a Coffee on Me!

Faced with a family birthday yesterday and a little stumped on gift ideas...I did have one brilliant idea but of course none of the shops I visited produced what I was looking for... ANYWAY..... Whilst wandering through my local shopping centre I thought hmmmmm

Did you know.. Gloria Jeans sells gift vouchers? YES they do! In $5 increments. Well I'll have 4 of those thank you very much.

Beautiful idea, thoughtful, practical and not another piece of junk to occupy space in your house that you probably won't use.

Way better than a scratchie too!

So the next time you buy a birthday card and are heading to the newsagency to stuff it full of scratchies consider a cup of coffee for your friend or family member instead :)

p.s. I prefer Zaraffa's coffee over anything else..and they do gift cards too - a pre-paid card of 10 of your favourite drinks :)

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