Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inspiration is Lacking.

I dragged my heels heading to the butcher / fruit market today..why? because I still had no meal plan and only a skerrick of shopping list.

Seriously lacking in energy and motivation I sourced my meal plan inspiration from the butcher / fresh produce / my husband and whatever I already had in the pantry! For a change it was nice, although we did the Aldi stop too and without a list that was tough... I had a rough idea what I needed and a little adlib was okay too.

I have now produced my meal plan, albeit vague!

  • beef strog
  • chicken carbonara
  • rissoles (could be hamburgers?)
  • slow cooked lamb shanks
  • chicken sausages & vegies
  • honey mustard chicken
  • sweet & sour chicken
  • steak (with whatever takes my fancy... potato salad maybe?)
  • marinated chicken wings & rice
LOTS of chicken, but it's always that way in our house.

tonight DH & I have no idea what we're eating for tea. Personally I'm leaning towards a scrumptious chocolate & cream cake roll paired with Aldi's delish deli sea salt chips....and for dessert a generous helping of sour lollies my loving sister left for me last weekend!

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