Friday, August 5, 2011

Did That Just Happen?

Never in my life has time moved so fast as it did last weekend.

From Thursday family began to arrive and by Friday afternoon we were all here! That's 13 of us in total!!!

Time went by so fast, after two park trips, lots of naps, nappy changes, and a mountain of food it was Monday before I knew and half of my beautiful family had already left and the others were due to leave that day :(

The two little people got along brilliantly, and by geez when they're just a little bit older I think they'll get up to mischief whenever they're together.

Meal plan? what Meal plan? Any plans I had made at the beginning of the fortnight were quickly shoved out the window. Before everyone got here I was too busy planning their arrival to follow a plan...and after they left I was too buggered! So we've just pulled something together from what we have and now lo & behold it's bloody shopping day again!!!

I have my work cut out for me with no meal plan for the coming two weeks as yet and a pantry & fridge that need a good sorting out! But I will persevere and succeed!! Stay tuned for what I come up with!!

p.s. I can't decide who I want to win Masterchef...but boy I was really pleased when Kate beat Alana!!

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